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likes Мне нравится чувствовать себя маленькой девочкой рядом с сильным мужчиной, который знает, чего хочет. Люблю вежливых и воспитанных мужчин. Люблю комплименты. Разговаривайте со мной: я хочу знать, что тебе нравится, а что – нет. Я хочу стать твоей любимой малышкой.
I like to feel like a little girl next to a strong man who knows what he wants. I love polite and well-mannered men. I love compliments. Talk to me: I want to know what you like and what you don’t. I want to be your favorite little girl.
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likes I like strong hands when vein acted, uh, calves, Ohhh, even cheeks, I love men!
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HappyQueen MilkMilkee Hairy Blonde

likes While in real life I’m a little modest, here I want to be naughty. Even though I’m looking for love, I can still be dominant. I have long been interested in different fetishes, and I love learning new ones. Can you teach me?
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NellyJoy NellyJoy Shaved Redhead

likes I truly enjoy people who can enjoy themselves, I am very open minded and want to know the real you. Come to my room with a good set of manners, a decent sense of humor and ready to explore your deepest fetishes and fantasies.
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